Body Sculpting Light

The Body Sculpting Light is a state of the art external fat reduction procedure for targeting those stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise alone will not help. The use of specialized wavelength of light combined with exercise & healthy choices is the new and natural fat loss protocol. The Body Sculpting Light triggers the body’s own natural ability to break down fat: a process called lipolysis. During this process the body can release fatty acids which are then used by the body during exercise. The combined therapy of heat, light and exercise completes the process of burning this released energy resulting in immediate and visible slimming and toning – but only in the areas you want.

The Body Sculpting Light pads are held externally in place against the area to be treated by an adjustable elastic strap. During the treatment, the pads are held directly against the skin for a period of 30 minutes during which time the client will experience the warmth from the LED pads. We recommend evenly spacing the treatments, on average 2-3 treatments per week, for 3-4 weeks or you may do our quick fat burner schedule which is Monday- Friday for 2 weeks depending on individual needs and physical and scheduling capabilities.

After each session, it is critical to exercise. We recommend any type of exercise program, with your goal to burn 350 calories by the end of your regimen. The Body Sculpting Light is designed to boost your ability to achieve results in a faster and more effective time period than with conventional methods of losing weight like diet and exercise. The Body Sculpting Light is not intended to be used alone. It is a LIFESTYLE decision. The Body Sculpting Light can be incorporated into your weekly exercise program, whether you enjoy Pilates, yoga, running or any other fitness regime. We have found our new Body Sculpting Light to be the most effective fat loss regimen we have had to date in our office!

After the intensive course, you may follow one of two treatment paths:

Return for monthly maintenance treatments. Repeat the intensive program on another area of the body.

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