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More Than 25 Years of Premier Medical Skincare Solutions

Patients from all over trust Dr. Littzi to prioritize their health. Dr. Littzi is quick at detecting early signs of skin cancer, and quickly recommend aggressive and comprehensive treatment plans to promote a positive prognosis. In addition, you can consistently expect an honest skin evaluation from Dr. Littzi. She will recommend cutting-edge solutions for all of your skin concerns, and provide you with treatment plans that promote longer, healthier solutions for your skin.

With our team at Aesthetic Dermatology of Fairfield County, you receive the rare benefit of treatment from a board-certified, Harvard trained dermatologist. More than 25 years of experience has taught us how to address nearly every skin condition both common and rare, and we can quickly and comprehensively treat even the most complicated of skin conditions. As your medical dermatologist, we work with you to form a treatment plan that reaches both your medical and cosmetic goals.

Professional Medical Services:

Mole checks: Mole checks annually or bi-annually are an essential part of your health. It is so important to remove moles early that are at risk for melanoma. Dr. Littzi utilizes a dermoscope during all skin checks.

Skin Tags: Aging and hormonal changes as well as friction can lead to unsightly skin tags. They can be easily removed to preserve dignity.

Eczema: Eczema can be mildly uncomfortable or debilitating. there are many treatments available today including topical as well as some new oral treatments for severe eczema. We incorporate natural and medical treatments for eczema.

Warts: Warts are a viral disease that are easily treated with topical medical therapy. We also provide home therapy for all of our patients which is painless and easy.

Pregnancy Skin: Pregnant women should avoid toxic cosmetic products or prescriptions unless absolutely needed. We have a line of skin care for pregnant women and are well equipped to treat the dermatoses of pregnancy.

Nails: Nails can reflect the inner or outer health of your body. Problems such as iron deficiency and poor nutrition can show up in nails. Nails can also be infected with fungi which should be aggressively treated.

Pediatric Dermatology: Infants and toddlers may have specific dermatoses which need medical interventions. Dr. Littzi is well equipped after spending time at Children’s Hospital in Boston working with pediatric dermatologists. We are child friendly and try to keep children as comfortable as possible.

Hair Loss: Hair loss in men and women can be a complex problem with many causes like stress, hormones, vitamin deficiency, genetics or other physical/chemical factors. Diagnoses of your condition is most important before we begin therapy. Dr. Littzi does extensive evaluation when needed to diagnose then treat the hair condition. She will also refer severe patients to the appropriate dermatology specialist.

Scars: Scars are best treated with early intervention therapies such as IPL, injections, and Fraxel. Dr. Littzi has extensive experience in all of these procedures.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Natural-Looking Results
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Harvard-Trained Physician
  • Treating Children And Adults
  • Board Certified Dermatologist
  • Focus On No Pain, No Downtime
  • Your Safety Is First And Foremost
  • Cutting-Edge Cosmetic Treatments
  • Highest Quality, Comprehensive, Personalized Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologic Care

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