• Anti-Aging Regimens Used by the Rich and Famous

    Anti-Aging Regimens Used by the Rich and Famous It’s no secret that the rich and famous get a leg up on the rest of us when it comes to anti-aging regimens. Money certainly makes it easier younger-looking skin a LOT easier to achieve and maintain. NewBeauty released an article by Danielle Fontana titled – An […]

  • emsculpt results

    Imagine Losing Flab and Tightening Abs by Simply Lying Down

    Does losing flab and tightening your abs by simply lying down sound to good to be true? Well, now it’s not.  Kathie Lee recently heard about this revolutionary new treatment, EmSculpt from Dr. Patricia Wexler and decided to try out this nonsurgical procedure to help lose flab and tighten abs on The Today Show. Click […]

  • Reinventing Yourself with Jennifer Lopez

    In the video below Jennifer Lopez shares her top 5 steps to reinventing yourself.  How to Reinvent Yourself Step 1: Age is just a number Step 2: Ask for Help Step 3: Don’t apologize Step 4: Start small Step 5: Check in with yourself Quick Quotes from the Video You’re here until you’re dead. So […]

  • Why is BTL EMSCULPT® the Breakthrough in Non-Invasive Body Shaping?

    Are you tired of not getting the results you want with a strict diet and exercise regimen? Still have some stubborn fat desperately clinging to you even though you do everything you can to get rid of it? Not seeing results fast enough when it comes to improving muscle tone? Even the most fit of […]

  • non invasive fat reduction procedure

    Tone Muscle & Eliminate Fat with This Non-Invasive Procedure

    There are many non-invasive treatments that allow you to freeze fat, melt fat, tighten our bodies and eliminate fat in little to no time but unles fat is injected into the area, the muscle underneath is always left untouched. BTL EMSCULPT is the first and only technology to use high-intensity electromagnetic energy to tone muscle and […]


    Before and After Coolsculpting! Real patient Real results! (lighting not the best, but the results are)#expertinjector#coolsculpting#beforeandafter#abdomen#35mins#amazing#shessohappy#zeltiqSharon J Littzi MD#dontwait#specials

  • Prejuvention Botox with Dr. Littzi

    BOTOX GUIDE 32 Botox Reviews 76 Before & Afters 72 Doctor Opinions 23 User Discussions Preventative Botox: Is “Prejuvention” Right for You? Is an ounce of Botox worth a pound of wrinkle prevention? Experts are divided about whether preventative fillers can stop skin from wrinkling. Some studies suggest that pre-wrinkle Botox can help weaken the […]

  • January is the perfect time to try FRAXEL!

    Cosmetic Treatments A Derm Recommends Getting This Skin-Saving Laser This EXACT Week in January Liz Ritter , Executive Managing Editor |January 15, 2018 ​ Photo Credits: Shutterstock | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only Poor January. In the game of months, you sure do have a bad reputation. For some of us, you’re simply way […]

  • Skin care products for under $10.00!

    Top Derms Share Their Favorite Skin Care Products Under $10 Liz Ritter , Executive Managing Editor |January 05, 2018 1/6 If she were stuck on a deserted island, New York dermatologistHeidi A. Waldorf, MD, would wantsunscreen andVaseline. “My number-one skin care product under $10 isVaseline petroleum jelly ($4). It can be used as a moisturizer, […]

  • Top 10 SUPERFOOD for your skin

    The secret to healthier hair and glowing skin? It’s not in your makeup case. It’s in your diet. These superfoods will give you gorgeous skin and beautiful hair. Blueberries Wild Salmon Spinach Oysters Tomatoes Walnuts Kiwis Dark Chocolate Yogurt Sweet Potatoes https://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/healthy-eating/superfoods/top-10-superfoods-for-skin-and-hair/