Before and After Coolsculpting! Real patient Real results! (lighting not the best, but the results are)#expertinjector#coolsculpting#beforeandafter#abdomen#35mins#amazing#shessohappy#zeltiqSharon J Littzi MD#dontwait#specials

  • Prejuvention Botox with Dr. Littzi

    BOTOX GUIDE 32 Botox Reviews 76 Before & Afters 72 Doctor Opinions 23 User Discussions Preventative Botox: Is “Prejuvention” Right for You? Is an ounce of Botox worth a pound of wrinkle prevention? Experts are divided about whether preventative fillers can stop skin from wrinkling. Some studies suggest that pre-wrinkle Botox can help weaken the […]

  • January is the perfect time to try FRAXEL!

    Cosmetic Treatments A Derm Recommends Getting This Skin-Saving Laser This EXACT Week in January Liz Ritter , Executive Managing Editor |January 15, 2018 ​ Photo Credits: Shutterstock | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only Poor January. In the game of months, you sure do have a bad reputation. For some of us, you’re simply way […]

  • Skin care products for under $10.00!

    Top Derms Share Their Favorite Skin Care Products Under $10 Liz Ritter , Executive Managing Editor |January 05, 2018 1/6 If she were stuck on a deserted island, New York dermatologistHeidi A. Waldorf, MD, would wantsunscreen andVaseline. “My number-one skin care product under $10 isVaseline petroleum jelly ($4). It can be used as a moisturizer, […]