New Canaan Fat & Cellulite Treatments

Helping You to Address Your Problem Areas

Remove fat and cellulite deposits in all the most common and uncommon problem areas with our cutting edge cosmetic procedures. Our cosmetic dermatologist provides you with access to the latest techniques in fat and cellulite removal, designed to accommodate all skin types. Furthermore, our procedures are meant to provide you with long-term results, rather than a quick fix. Find a whole new you with our treatment options, which regularly provide natural-looking results.

We provide trusted treatment options for fat and cellulite problems:

  • Body sculpting light: With this option, LED light is used to target specific areas where you struggle with high concentrations of fat cells. Light therapy is a favorite treatment option of our clients, as it has virtually no downtime and provides very fast visible results. It also has the added benefit of being painless and non-invasive.
  • Coolsculpting: This treatment delivers cold temperatures to targeted areas of the body, which reduces the size of fat cells. Often, people attempting to lose weight plateau; this is due to the body’s inability to shrink fat cells on its own. With Coolsculpting, you can push past that plateau for a smoother and slimmer shape.
  • Viora Reaction: Viora Reaction effectively gets rid of unwanted cellulite, while providing advanced skin tightening results for all skin types and areas. While treatment is quick, we recommend multiple appointments for maximum results.
  • EMSCULPT – Build muscle and reduce fat with this non-invasive body contouring treatment. This is the first fat reduction treatment that not only reduces fat but helps build muscle. Plus, it is also the first non-invasive butt lift procedure!

Many of our fat and cellulite treatments are safe enough to be used on drooping chins, inner thighs, and abdomens. These are some of the most common treatment areas; however, we can consult with you to decide how to best treat any problem area or concern you may want to address. Call our New Canaan cosmetic dermatologist today at (203) 966-2336 and receive a free consultation for Coolsculpting.

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