Why is BTL EMSCULPT® the Breakthrough in Non-Invasive Body Shaping?

Are you tired of not getting the results you want with a strict diet and exercise regimen? Still have some stubborn fat desperately clinging to you even though you do everything you can to get rid of it? Not seeing results fast enough when it comes to improving muscle tone?

Even the most fit of women and men can struggle with extra padding on their stomachs or a touch of muffin top—and these bulges are often due to genetics, gender and other factors that are out of our control.

While diet and exercise play a critical role in achieving the body you desire, non-invasive fat reduction procedures can play a large assist in getting rid of those final few pounds and inches.

Historically, non-surgical fat reduction treatments have focused on only melting or freezing the fat away. But now there is a new breakthrough in fat reduction technology that not only reduces fat but helps you build muscle.

BTL EMSCULPT® has been taking off like wildfire across the US and has defined its own category when it comes to helping people reduce unwanted fat without surgery as it is the first treatment to also build muscle. This procedure shoots high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy through the skin to build muscle and tone the body.

EMSCULPT® increases muscle mass by 16 percent and reduces the waistline by approximately 19 percent

This relatively quick and painless procedure usesa rubber pad to produce intense electromagnetic waves which cause involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions trigger the release of free fatty acids, which break down fat deposits and increase muscular tone and strength, similar to the way doing a situp or lunge would.

Similar to when you exercise, the body resonds to the wear and tear of the stimulation by rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue. As a result you get stronger, firmer muscles.  You’ll feel the same soreness after EMSCULPT® that you would after a strenuous workout. What is so thrilling about the EMSCULPT® treatment is that it not only increases the diameter of muscle fibers (hypertrophy), but it also increases the number of muscle fibers (hyperplasia).

Think about it like doing 20,000 situps in 30 minutes — well beyond the capacity of even the most ambitious gym goers.

BTL EMSCULPT® Patient Review

Currently cleared for use on the abdomen and buttocks, it’s a unique approach for enhancing muscle definition without the need for extra time in the gym. The company is developing applicators for inner thighs, knees and arms.

To maximize the results, EMSCULPT® can be combined with non-invasive fat removal procedures like CoolSculpting and Vanquish to enhance fat reduction results.

The revolutionary system does both of the key things needed to achieve a six-pack: reduce fat and build muscle. You don’t have to change your diet or exercise routine to see results, either. Just 2 sessions a week for 2 weeks and you’ll see amazing results.

Tested in five unique abdominal clinical studies utilizing all four established methods of evaluation, including MRI, CT and Ultrasound, BTL Emsculpt delivered consistent results in muscle gain and fat loss:

  • 20% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat
  • 20% increase in muscle mass
  • .44cm reduction in thickness of subcutaneous abdominal fat layer
  • Average waist reduction of 4.4cm
  • 96% satisfaction with treatment results

It’s time to sculpt your body without doing a single crunch or squat with EMSCULPT.

*Results shown below are typical but not guaranteed.