Exciting news for hollow temples!

Sharon J. Littzi’s Juvederm Tips – Filling Hollow Temples

Have you ever noticed how our faces change in photographs as we age? In our youth, the face is typically rounder, fuller and has the tissue volume we associate with youth. As we age, the face loses fat and tissue volume, and tends to look thinner, more angular and more gaunt, especially in people who are athletic, lean or have low body fat percentages. Also, as we age we don’t just lose volume, but the skin overlying the fat and tissue loses elasticity and sags. This can create accentuated cheekbones and hollowness in the temples and in front of the ears.

Fortunately, this problem is quickly and easily treated using a hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm. Numbing is not usually necessary prior to this treatment , as there is minimal discomfort associated with it. Fillers like Juvederm XC, which has the anesthetic Lidocaine formulated right in it, can add an additional measure of comfort.

When I fill hollow temples with Juvederm, I place the product deep in the tissue right atop the bone to avoid any issues with inadvertent injection into a blood vessel and to provide maximum lift and fill. This is especially important in this area because the temporal artery courses through this area. When placed deeply in this type of filler injection, the product pushes up the overlying tissue and nicely corrects the hollowness without any lumps or bumps. Oftentimes, the product is not even detectable visually and is not palpable.

Depending upon the amount of hollowness, it may often take one full syringe of product per temple for an adequate correction. However, sometimes the correction of temporal hollows is best done in stages, whereby you inject half a syringe per temple and wait a few days for any swelling or distortion to subside before deciding that more filler is needed. This way, there is less chance of “overcorrection”, or injecting too much product than is necessary.

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